Wednesday Geeky Pics: Halloween 2009

Halloween is over, which means you’ve got an entire year to come up with a new costume. Want some early inspiration? Check out some of these pictures from last week’s parade of geek-friendly costumes.

Lightsaber safety tip: Do not ingest. So Luke, uh, your little green buddy there, the one that’s gnawing on his – he’s supposed to be the one teaching you to harness the Force? – staramaze (CC)


Am I the only one who was terrified by Yip Yips as a small child? I would literally run out of the room every time they came on Sesame Street. – &y (CC)


You know what never goes out of style? Floppy disks – at least, when you’re wearing one. Also, copyfighters. – rachaeldawn (CC)


Are we sure this is really a costume, or is it just a geek-in-training? (I like the iProtect; I think maybe that’s a real Apple product.) mike ‘n alicia ( CC)


The Doctor is in (and he’s regarding that sonic screwdriver pretty intently – I think someone’s about to get zapped). – lost albatross (CC)


Witches make passes at boys (and girls) who wear glasses. – cdedbdeme (CC)


Xena and Gabrielle looking very happy together! – lost albatross (CC)


Wow, Robin’s really let himself go. Though the scariest part of this costume? The photographer tagged it under “sexy halloween costumes.” san diego shooter (CC)



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