Ten Geeky Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Geeky Halloween Costumes

It’s the day before Halloween and you’re out of luck: no costumes, no ideas, and no time. You want to go out to a party but the whole “cutting holes in a sheet” routine just isn’t going to do it. I mean, you’re a geek, right? You’re supposed to be in your element.

Well, if you’re cramped for time, look no further: here are ten quick and easy last minute geeky costumes for your Halloween Weekend festivities!

Mulder and Scully – My husband and I were saved last year by this easy getup. Trench coats, vaguely business-like attire, black shoes and, in my case, a red wig. There are even printable costume props online, including badges, that really came in handy. We went the extra distance and picked up some fake guns to complete the look, and if I may say so myself I thought we looked pretty awesome.

Battlestar Galactica Chic – I see two possibilities here. If you’ve got khaki/drab pants and contrasting (backwards) tank tops, that’s the basic look. Toss on a pair of dog tags, and you’re ready to go. If you want to up the ante a bit, go with Tyrol‘s look complete with olive colored pocketed shirt. For the details: the printer is your friend.

Medieval Monk – Lucky for you, monks in the Middle Ages came in a variety of colors. Wear a basic black hoodie, then cut a hole in the middle of a black sheet and put it over your head. Tie your middle with rope/cord/belt/whatever you can find and, if you’ve got a wooden cross or some beads on hands, couple it with a pair of sandals, and you’ve got the look. Go black for Dominican, brown for Franciscan, and beige for Capuchin.

The Shadow – I mean literally a shadow. Believe it or not, the inspiration behind this comes from my own mother who, during my childhood, never missed an opportunity to dress up during trick or treating. One year she dressed entirely in black, including pulling pantyhose over her face and literally scared the crap out of everyone in the neighborhood (mostly adults, and a few kids).

Mad Scientist – If you happen to be a science geek, you’ve probably got easy access to everything you need: lab coat, utility goggles, rubber gloves. Use a little red food coloring to make blood splats on your lab coat if you want, mix up some corn starch and water to lighten and stiffen your hair and continue to cackle maniacally. At least people won’t wonder now… Or you can always take a little extra time and go for the Dr. Horrible look.

Bruce Wayne – Got a suit? Got good shoes and a belt? Got some hair gel? Got a casual ladykiller attitude? Finish it off with a huge ring, if you can find one, just for flair. (Go dumpier for Peter Parker, nerdier for Bruce Banner, etc.)

Clever Wordplay – I’ve seen someone wearing a slip with the word “Freudian” written on it. Pick an idiom and go with it. My current favorite? You can always draw a pumpkin on your shirt and write 3.1415 on it. Get it?

Steampunk well, anything – There’s a common misperception that steampunk costuming is hard. Well, it’s not (check out Cherie Priest’s Steampunk Wardrobe Customizations for the Lazy, the Poor, or the Crafty) . All it takes is about an hour of your time, spray paint (if you have it) and a potential trip to the thrift store. For a steampunk Western inspired affair take: lost of belts, jeans, shirt (preferably white), vest, boots, hat (doesn’t have to be a cowboy hat–you can get away with a bowler or even a cap). Add some toy guns, some hints of gold or brass here and there and, if you’ve got it, a long trench or duster. You can always go with suspenders and get the whole Mal thing going, too. Girls, I find the steampunk gypsy look to be easiest. Lots of skirts, gathered together, a close-fitting shirt or corset (if you’ve got it), some scarves, a styled gun somewhere, and a pocket watch.

Anyone from Manos the Hands of Fate – I mean, honestly, that film was done with virtually no budget. Stuff some pillows in your legs and go for Torgo; wrap yourself in a sheet for one of the maidens; or go all out and make yourself a hand-impressed cape for “the Master”.

The Zombie – Come on, I couldn’t make a list without an easy zombie costume. Corn starch, corn syrup, water and red food coloring are about all you’ll need (along with some scissors and clothes you don’t mind destroying). You’ll be surprised at how horrifying you can become.

With all these costumes, the key is selling it. Be the character, at least for the first few minutes of the party! Let your geek shine through and have fun.

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