Monday morning links serving: The October 26th edition

Lifehacker’s Complete Guide to Windows 7
Windows 7 officially launches today, but we’ve been testing, tweaking, customizing, fixing, and writing about this OS for a year now. We present here a guide to everything we’ve learned about the OS, from first install to final settings change.

How To: Hackintosh a Dell Mini 10v Into the Ultimate Snow Leopard Netbook
Here’s the pitch: a 10-inch, almost-pocketable computer running Snow Leopard, the latest, greatest version of OS X. It costs just $300. Sound good? Here’s how to make your own.

Net Neutrality FAQ: What’s in it for You?
The FCC has approved a notice of proposed rule making on the subject of net neutrality, and here are a few questions and answers to help shine a light on what that means.

25+ Useful Linux and Unix Cheat Sheets
Here are 27 Cheat sheets available for Linux users. These Cheat sheets will contain Linux command lines, Linux security, Linux administration, Gnome/KDE, sed/awk/vim, and distribution specific codes.

Yahoo GeoCities closes on Oct. 26
Founded in 1994 as Beverly Hills Internet, what is now Yahoo GeoCities was one of the first services to offer an easy way for early Internet surfers to publish their own Web pages. Once the Internet’s third most visited domain, it will be shutting down on Monday, Oct. 26.

Pay-As-You-Go Internet “Unavoidable”, say ISPs
Carriers including AT&T and Time Warner say they may have to switch to a pay-as-you-go Internet model amid a surge in Internet traffic as more people go online to watch videos and download movies. Advocates say unlimited monthly Internet service has been critical to the Internet’s growth; carriers believe it’s only fair that heavy users pay more.


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