Monday morning links serving: The October 12th Edition

Five Best Windows Task Manager Alternatives
The Windows Task Manager is a functional but basic tool for keeping an eye on applications and activity on your computer. If you want to go beyond the built-in tool and get a closer look, check out today’s offerings.

Ubuntu 9.10 – Almost Perfect
Ubuntu 9.10 is only days away… and it is spectacular. Here’s a quick look and what makes this the best release of any Linux distro. Ever.

Microsoft and Google: The Good Guys
Do you like competition? If so, it’s time to line up behind Microsoft and Google. Seriously. At the CTIA Wireless IT trade show this week, it’s clear that these two mega-corps are enabling many more players to compete in the world of smartphones than just themselves.

YouTube hits one billion views a day
YouTube is now serving over one billion views per day as it celebrates the third anniversary of being acquired by Google.

Hulu Releases A Linux Hulu Desktop Client!
Hulu Desktop for Linux is currently built on Fedora 11 and Ubuntu 9.04. The packages should also work on any Linux distribution with glib2.16 (such as Ubuntu 8.04+ and Fedora 9+). Other configurations have not been tested.

10 Ways to Take your Site from One to One Million Users by Kevin Rose
At the Future of Web Apps conference Kevin Rose (Digg, Pownce, Wefollow) gave a cool presentation on the top 10 down and dirty ways you can grow your web app. He took the questions he’s most often asked and turned it into a very informative talk.

Make Linux faster, lighter and more powerful
Optimise the boot process, KDE, Gnome, networking and more!


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