PS3 motion controller makes its public debut

Sony has unveiled some details about its forthcoming motion-based controller, including the first raft of compatible games. However, the firm is yet to announce a price or name for the device.

The controller, which was demonstrated at the Tokyo Game Show, requires the PlayStation Eye camera to work; the distance and angle between the camera and controller allows the system to track movement. The controller resembles a handheld microphone, though the globe at the top can light up in different colors, a tool developers can build into gameplay. It also vibrates in the style of most modern controllers.

The two games used in the demonstration were a new version of Resident Evil 5 (redesigned to incorporate the motion controller, but with some new story elements) and LittleBigPlanet. Sony also announced eight other new games which will use the controller:

  • Ape Escape (a new version of the original PlayStation game)
  • Champions of Time (little known about this, though there’s a theory it could be some sort of motion-controls-time gimmick)
  • Eccentric Slider
  • Echochrome 2 (sequel to the puzzle game)
  • Motion Party (possibly a collection of mini-games in the style of Mario Party)
  • Sing and Draw
  • The Shoot
  • Tower (maybe a variant on Jenga)

The firm will also be releasing downloadable updates for several existing titles to make them compatible with the controller, including Eye Pets, Flower, High Velocity Bowling, Hustle Kings and Pain.

It’s notable that this line-up sounds more aimed at the casual gameplayer more commonly linked with the Wii rather than hardcore gamers. That may be a deliberate marketing strategy, though it could simply be down to developers of major titles needing time to build the controller into new releases.

While it can be used for simple Wii-style control, it appears some games may build it into a more complex system. The Resident Evil demo involved a player using a standard PS3 controller in one hand and the motion controller in the other.

Sony also announced that the new $299 PS3 Slim has sold a million units worldwide since its release three weeks ago. While its possible gamers were simply waiting for a way to squeeze the console into a tight space in their TV cabinet, it’s more likely a sign that many potential customers had been put off by the previous price and were waiting for a reduction.

Meanwhile a secret document found on Sega’s website reportedly claims that Sony is planning a 20th anniversary edition of Sonic featuring the entire back catalog for $99. It’s also said to be considering releasing a PS2 emulator through the Playstation Network and making the entire PS2 catalog available to buy through the system. That won’t please gamers who were disappointed by the lack of backwards compatibility on newer models and now face having to pay again for games they already own.

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