Wednesday Geeky Picks: Pirates

Talk Like a Pirate Day was of course last weekend, but assuming that some of you are still in the swashbuckling mood, here are some geek-inspired pirates… or pirate-inspired geeks… or something.  Yo ho ho.

ARRRRRR2D2 – kaptainkobold (CC)


Steampunk Pirate; I think I find her far more frightening than the normal sort, actually. Must be the gas mask. – hypersapiens (CC)


The exclamation point is really useful; how else would you know that this pirate has a quest for you? Well, unless you’re not playing World of Warcraft at the time, in which case it’s just confusing. aseraphin (CC)


Pirate At Work – fullgl (CC)


Pirate of the Corellian – st3f4n (CC)


Pirates are, of course, the chosen people of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Good to know that like every good church they have arts and crafts time. – smiteme (CC)


That pirate has absconded with my Christmas tree! stuartpilbrow (CC)


The Bread Pirate Roberts – rakka (CC)


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