Update: Teapot-Blowing Contest — Pictures

Yesterday I asked you, dear readers, to send pictures of yourself blowing into a teapot. I could not have imagined such a great response–the number of submissions was fantastic. And even though I offered $20 to the first three people who sent in their picture (congratulations to Touchcream, TheOrangeSquirrel, and Keaton Pepper), most of you told me the prize didn’t really matter because I gave them a good reason to have fun.

Some of you did it at home, and others, at work. And while some did a splendid and controlled execution of the feat, others let all hell loose and just blew in the thing as hard as they could. This probably had something to do with the type of teapot they were using, though.

Anyway, here are the results of our teapot-blowing contest, for your viewing pleasure.

Keaton M.

Konrad – photos by Marloc

Sean V.

The Geek Gals @ CHG

Touchcream – Plugeek.com (French Tech Blog)


Ryan T.



Charlie B.

David and his little brother

The Orange Squirrel



Mason H.

Andrea and her husband

Jesse B.

Kiera T.

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