Wednesday Geeky Pics: Dragon*Con 2009

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

I had the geeky joy of spending last weekend at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. It’s known for being one of the best cons for costumes, probably because it’s so broad – everything from the traditional Klingons to the crazygothpunk to the increasingly trendy steampunk (and of course, obligatory Stormtroopers). I’m a terrible photographer myself, so I found some of my favorites on Flickr to share.

Steampunk X-Men. This was the first year for the “Alternate History” track at D*C, which meant that these kinds of costumes were out in force. – neko43 (CC)


Obligatory Stormtrooper – vladeb (CC)


Obligatory slave Leias – neko43 (CC)


They two were too busy posing for the camera to notice when Bowser grabbed her from behind and took off. – phrequency (CC)


This is a hula hoop, though I only know that because I saw her. Gathered quite a crowd! – phinz (CC)


According to the photographer, these guys were looking for Sparta, but turned down the wrong Peachtree Street. – phrequency (CC)


It looks like Alice finally caught the white rabbit – with a little help from Belle. It’s exhausting being a Disney character! – cyberlizard (CC)

When Alilce finally catches up to the white rabbit

Lego Indiana Jones would lose his head if it weren’t bolted on. – leshoward (CC)


Poor, unfortunate souls… – cyberlizard (CC)


These ladies win the best use of a literary/science fiction pun award. – phrequency (CC)


At least if the Master tries anything, this time it’s two against one. (I saw at least five Tenth Doctors, and every one of them had a Rose with him as an accessory.) – boxercab (CC)


Quick, which one of these is a Cylon? – neko43 (CC)


And finally, for the absent-minded con-goer… – leshoward (CC)


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