Monday morning links serving: The September 7th edition

New Microprocessor Runs On Thin Air
There’s no shortage of ways to perform calculations without a standard electronic computer. But the latest in a long lineMovie Camera of weird computers runs calculations on nothing more than air.

Browser Speed Tests: Chrome 4.0 and Opera 10 vs The World
Opera 10 final is out, Chrome just turned one year old, and Firefox 3.5 has settled into stability. It’s time once again to break out the timers and speed test today’s web browsers.

30 Horrific Commercial Photoshop Disasters
Here’s a collection of horrific commercial Photoshop disasters made by professional graphic designers, who have made a poor job of not paying attention to detail when it comes to retouching photos.

10 Things You Need to Know About OLED TV
Not sure what OLED is? Wondering why you’d want an OLED TV when all the chatter at IFA is about LED and 3D TV? Here’s OLED explained…

Researcher cracks Mac in 10 seconds at PWN2OWN, wins $5k
Charlie Miller, a security researcher who hacked a Macintosh in two minutes last year at CanSecWest’s PWN2OWN contest, improved his time today by breaking into another Macintosh in under 10 seconds.


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