Amazingly Geeky Origami [Picture Gallery]

Origami – the traditional Japanese art of paper folding – is something that a geek could really get into. It’s all about visual math, and problem-solving, but with that artistic nuance as well. The origami artists below came up with some very cool designs, which we can definitely appreciate, and most of them have a lot more work posted on Flickr – so check it out!

Paper Jedi – phillipwest (CC) | Paper Iron Man – jon_tucker (CC) | Paper Yoda – phillipwest (CC) | Paper Enterprise – ryangreenberg (CC) | Paper Fellowship – josephwuorigami (CC) | Paper Demon – OrigamiNate (CC) | Paper Kobold – josephwuorigami (CC) | Paper Dragon – jon_tucker (CC) | Another Paper Dragon – scarygami (CC) | Paper Phoenix – jon_tucker (CC)