Deal of the Day: Kingston 32 GB Flash Drive: $59.99 – Shipped

So, if you’re anything like me, you already have a flash drive, but unfortunately, it always seems to be full. Initially I had a 1GB drive, and then jumped to a 4. Now I’m using a 32GB one, which, as of now, still fulfills my needs. Not sure how long it will stay that way, […]


Breaking Glass with Sound

Rubbing the rim of a wine glass with a wet finger will cause it to resonate at its resonant frequency. The glass is placed in front of a speaker playing a sine wave, created by the function generator, of this same frequency. When the amplitude is turned up, we can see by shining a strobe […]

Redwoods: the Big Picture

These days, with digitized photography and photo editing, we may not think a whole lot about the process of making pictures, at least those of us with casual camera hobbies. One of the downsides of accessible technology is a kind of normalization of process. I know, since owning a digital SLR that can store hundreds […]

3D Short of the Day: Indigen

In a savanna where remain the relics of a bygone war, a young African hunter protects his meal against an opponent who is as stupid as resistant. Indigen is a computer generated short animated movie made within the framework of specialization in computer graphics with Supinfocom our school. We were 4 to work on this […]

Britain’s five sexiest geeks (female edition)

By John Lister Contributing Writer, [GAS] Type the words “sexy” and “geek” into a search engine and, aside from this fine website, you’ll find a wide range of lists. Ranging, that is, from ones which have Alyson Hannigan first and Kari Bryon second to ones which have Kari Byron first and Alyson Hannigan second. But […]

Human Tetris on Skateboards

This ad for Freebord skateboards has skateboarders flying down the streets of San Francisco in the dark to connect glowing Tetris shapes. I have to wonder where the awesome outtakes are! Um, yeah, I hope no one was hurt too badly.

Jake Von Slatt’s Wimshurst Influence Machine How-To Series

If you’ve ever dipped a toe into the aether of steampunk subculture, you’ve likely heard of Jake Von Slatt. As the proprietor of The Steampunk Workshop, he’s been a champion of true steampunk making, both in re-imagining and re-creating Victorian technology. You’ve likely seen him in Make magazine, and his creations have graced the stage […]

Jet-Powered Merry-Go-Round

Built by Brooklyn-based arts collective The Madagascar Institute, this Jet-Powered Merry-Go-Round had never been tested with real people on it, so Popular Mechanics’ Seth Porges “volunteered his life and limb to be the first human ever to take a jet-powered ride on this steam punk-inspired machine.” In case you want to skip the boring part, […]