Annoy Everyone with the iBlink Earbuds

Remember when noise-isolating earphones didn’t exist, and as soon as you stepped in the subway, an annoying idiot always seems to be sitting right next to you, loudly playing his “music” in his earphones for everyone to hear, whether they liked it or not? While many earbuds are now sound tight, a manufacturer has found a way to make its products as annoying as they once were, only in a different way.

Enter the iBlink: A pair of noise isolating earbuds featuring LED lights that flash to the rhythm of your music. The louder your music is, the brighter the LEDs get. You will, of course, note that when you have the earbuds in your ears, you cannot actually see the lights yourself, making its only practical use the annoyance of others around you. Available in black or white, with white, blue, or pink LEDs, iBlink earbuds are available right now and cost around $25 to $30.

[Via Branchez-Vous! (French)]

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