The Geek Wish List: Day Five

  • Bluetooth rotary phone handset

This is either brilliant, pointless or just brilliantly pointless. It’s simply an old fashioned style telephone handset adapted to hook up to your cellphone via a Bluetooth connection.

To be fair, using it in public is likely to have you committed to an institution. However, in the home, it could be useful for people who don’t like using a speakerphone, but don’t want to hold a cellphone to their ear, either because it just doesn’t feel right to have all those rays so close to the brain, or because you want to cradle it between your head and shoulder and are looking for a way of doing so that is a fraction less likely to cause crippling neck pain.

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  • R2-D2 projector

You knew this was coming. You knew it because it was utterly predictable. And you knew it was utterly predictable because you are a geek.

Just in case you’ve somehow missed this pinnacle of geekdom and technology, let’s recap.

It’s a 1:2 scale replica of R2-D2 which moves about by remote control:

It has a DVD drive and displays the video through a projector:

It has a docking station for your iPod:

And the remote control is the Millennium Falcon:

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