Geeky Water Drops

I came across this set of photographs on flickr because the first flower was labeled “geeky water drops” with a note that it’s actually “that weird alien pod-flower from Omicron Ceti 3 that caused Spock to grin like an idiot and climb trees and fall in love and not want to leave the planet or return to Star Fleet.” Also, it should be noted that these diabolical spores are best when viewed large.

All of these images are really beautiful, and the photographer, Steve, was kind enough to give me his blessing to post some of my favorites here. You can read more about his photography technique here. Though of particular interest:

I’m often asked if the images inside the water drops are real or the product of Photoshop. Let me assure you they are real, and anyone can find them if they know how to look. Simple physics produces these tiny, beautiful and common images. Water is cohesive, it naturally bonds together in the shape of a sphere, and in that shape it functions as a miniature lens that will refract nearby objects. Using that organic lens as seen through your technological lens, will allow you to explore those tiny, complex worlds.








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