Six Worst Fight Scenes – EVER!

By Mic Mell
Guest Blogger

We all love a good fight scene, and sometimes we love a bad fight scene even more. After some research, we have found six fight that can only be described as WTF moments. From the poor choreography to the horrible dramatics, these scenes are guaranteed to leave you saying “SO BAD!” From the lousy beginning to the stupid endings, I couldn’t help but laugh when watching them, realizing that somewhere, someone thought this was really good stuff.

Obviously, there are thousands of bad fight scenes out there. Let us know what some of your favorite horrible fight scenes are.

1. Star Trek – Worst. Fight. Scene. Evar! This slow moving, bad costumed, crappy scored battle redefines the word epic [fail]. It’s hilarious how bad it is, and there’s even a moment where they’re almost necking. And isn’t that Kirk’s phaser on his belt?

2. Code of the Dragon – If you’ve never seen a guy with no legs kick some ass, then this is the scene for you. This choppy, poorly choreographed scene will give you your daily dose of cheese.

3. Undefeatable – If he’s undefeatable, why does he need help from a chick with a broken arm to win? Filled with dramatic faces and “hi-ya’s,” this is bad fight scenery at its finest. And don’t forget the gratuitous oily chests. Add the slow motion hits and we’ve got the drama school choice.

4. Adhisaya Piravi – Bollywood kicks ass, yo. This one wins the “you’re not even trying, dude” award. Remember those fights you would do with action figures when you were a kid? The kind where only one action at a time could go on? This is worse than that.

5. Revenge of the Ninja – With all the ninja tricks they use, this wouldn’t be so bad, except that it is. Lost of jumping around, and the bad guy has all the fake versions of himself. Seeing is believing with this one.

6. Black Ninja – There are simply no words to express how bad this is. The film centers around stopping a watermelon smuggling operation. SO BAD!

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