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Five Best Instant Messengers
Instant messaging has become so ubiquitous, an entire generation of internet users is probably unaware there was ever life without it. Check out the following five most popular instant messengers to to help you communicate across networks and the world.

Tweeting from the Web? Nine Alternative Web Clients
Believe it or not, almost 50% of Twitter users, prefer to tweet directly from This isn’t surprising, but most heavy Twitter users agree that is actually the poorest user experience among the plethora of alternative web applications to access the service.

5 iPod Alternatives That Rock
With over 120 million units sold, no company comes close to the success that Apple has enjoyed with its iPod. But commercial success doesn’t necessarily mean the iPod is the best player on the market. In fact, many competing portable media players offer equally high sonic sonic performance, as well as a handful of features not found in the iPod.

10 Gadgets We’d Like to Throw Into a Black Hole
We’re recruiting the help of a black hole to crush the worst gadgets into nothingness. Here’s a list of 10 gadgets — plus one bonus “gadget” — that deserve to be thrown beyond the event horizon, never to return.

Ubuntu to make Linux application installation idiot proof
Installing applications on Linux isn’t really that hard, but it is different from how it’s handled on both Windows and Macs. Now, Ubuntu is working on a newbie-proof way for users to install Linux programs.

Did you mean recursion?
To understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.


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