EA Incites “Acts of Lust” #EAFail

acts of lust

Some are wondering if a contest that EA ran promoting their new game Dante’s Inferno during Comic Con went too far in supposedly encouraging attendees to “harass a booth babe” in order to win. The contest asked attendees to “commit acts of lust” and provide photographic evidence on Twitter. So was this just a way of capitalizing on the common practice of taking photographs with girls in costumes or an incitement to sexual harassment? Depends on who you ask. Here’s an interesting response from an actual “booth babe.”

EA has already apologized, explaining that “commit acts of lust” actually means “take photographs of” and that “night of lust” doesn’t translate quite to what it sounds like either.

Still, whether you think it was just a misunderstanding or are joining the outcry against EA, there is one obvious side note to the whole thing: Another case of completely ignoring the female gamer demographic. Though you could also say that the entire “booth babe” culture does the same thing. If they weren’t drawing crowds, they wouldn’t be there, right?

Oh, and of course, like any controversy that hits Twitterverse, this already has its own title: EAFail.