Monday morning links serving: The July 13th edition

20 years of the World Wide Web
Twenty years ago, in a research establishment in the Swiss Alps, a British-born computer scientist dreamt up a new way for academics to share information around the globe.

7 iPhone Apps That Can Save Lives
These apps do everything from check your vitals to getting you important first aid information during an emergency.

Movie Theater Streams 2K Resolution Film Using BitTorrent
The MPAA has previously been critical of the negative effect it says BitTorrent has on the movie industry, but a recent experiment in a Norwegian movie theater shows that it might actually be of use to them.

Workaround for Firefox 3.5 slow startups on Windows
If you find yourself with very long startup times after upgrading to Firefox 3.5 (from say 10 seconds to the order of minutes), you may be experimenting a bug due to a change in how Firefox 3.5 gets the randomness it needs for security purposes on Windows.

Giz Explains: What the Hell is Google’s Chrome OS?
Google. Chrome. OS. Just reading that makes my pants tingle. But, uh, what is it exactly?


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