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By Miss Cellania
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

This may look like a game controller and a bottle of Mountain Dew at first glance. In reality, this is a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo. I know about these things because I keep a running list of home decorating items that you can’t get at the local Wal*Mart. It’s part of my job at mental_floss.

My feature posts there don’t have to fall into any particular category, but they often focus on pets, history, or home decor. By now I’ve done several articles on “geek decor”. It all started when I posted a collection of Video Game Quilts. I am a quilter myself, and can appreciate how patchwork and 8-bit pixel images can work together. Researching that one eventually led to The Retro Fun and Games House where I posted gamer home decor items besides quilts. But over time I collected even more, so this morning brought 11 Housewarming Gifts for the Dedicated Gamer. The first comment said that “a life” would be a better gift. I say, who cares? Your home is your castle, even when it’s an arcade.

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