Elevators Can Kill You [PIC]

A word of warning this morning: If you live in Sweden, beware! Getting your trash down via an elevator will kill you.

[Via Gizmodo]


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  1. As funny as the sign seems at first glance, it's a real problem.

    Back when I once used a similar elevator in a theatre (not in Sweden), I had to cart pieces of scenery, props, furniture, etc to different parts of the stage/storage, and there was the same little 'jutting out edge' that wasn't part of the elevator floor.

    If anything was resting on it, it'd just stay there, and you had about five seconds to pull it away before you were in the exact same position as the little sign guy.

    Of course, we had the controls on a little keypad, so we could easily stop the elevator. I'd hate to think what'd happen if we couldn't, though!

  2. More specifically it says that it's dangerous in elevators that lacks an inner door or some kind of sensor that prevents it from starting if something is in the way.

  3. I've seen signs like those in a lot of industrial cargo elevators here in the Netherlands. You'd be surprised how many idiots position themselves as far away from the keypad or door as possible with an elevator full of cargo.

    As there is an endless supply of Darwin awards, there's an equally endless supply of idiot runner ups.

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