Vanish: Self-Destructing Digital Data

Researchers from the University of Washington have developed a new encryption system that allows users to take control over the lifetime of their data. After the user-specified auto-destruct time has gone by, the encrypted data will then become unreadable. If you wish to use the system online, Vanish is available via an easy to use […]

Pirate Bay driven from Dutch shores

A Dutch court has ordered three of the Pirate Bay’s founders to block traffic to and from its site to the Netherlands within 10 days or face stiff penalties. It caps a week that will have left the owners feeling a little seasick. Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde, and Gottfrid Svartholm Warg are now responsible for […]

High Speed Robotic Hands Will Amaze You

If this isn’t enough to convince you, here’s another good reason why we think the robot apocalypse is quickly approaching. [Via BotJunkie]

Woman Drags Leashed Kid Through Verizon Wireless Store

I know that kids can sometimes be a real pain when you bring them shopping, but it’s not a reason to drag them along by a leash, especially if they’re on the floor when you’re doing so. […] She was charged with felony first-degree cruelty to children. Police say she was observed by customers and […]

My Amazon Kindle Ate My Homework

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] So, speaking of e-books… you may have heard that in a twist of Orwellian irony, Amazon recently wirelessly deleted copies of 1984 and Animal Farm from customers’ Kindles. Apparently there was a copyright issue, in that the third party distributor who okayed the e-versions of the books did not […]

Cybraphon: The Emo Robot Musician

Engineered and built by Found, a Scottish musical collective, Cybraphon is a robot that performs music according to its mood. Its mood changes according to what people say about it online: When lots of people talk about him, he’s happy, and when all he hears is silence, he gets melodramatic. Check it out in the […]

Jailbreaking could help terrorists, Apple claims

Apple has claimed that jailbreaking iPhones – that is, altering their software to allow the user to run applications without restrictions – could turn them into tools for deliberately bringing down cellphone networks. The claims come in a response to a government review which takes place every three years to decide which situations should be […]

District 9 – New Promo Trailer

Sony Pictures just released a new trailer for Neil Blomkamp’s upcoming sci-fi movie, District 9, which will be released in movie theaters on August 14, 2009. Enjoy!

Are You Ready for Stargate Universe? [Geek Editorial]

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] When Star Trek: TNG ended and the franchise melted into less compelling series like Voyager and DS9 (let’s not even DISCUSS Enterprise), we “space action show” geeks felt a little lost.  Nothing really stood out and said, “Here’s that great formula you know and love.”  Then Stargate: SG1 […]

Extreme Anti-Smoking Ad

Always remember: Smoking contributes to and empowers the imminent robot death squad apocalypse. Thanks Alex!

Greenpeace computer toxin protest crosses the final frontier

Environmental activists boldly went to the roof of Hewlett Packard’s roof to protest against “excuses” and “backtracking” over use of toxic materials – then let Captain Kirk deliver their message. William Shatner recorded a message (audio link) for the firm’s staff which was left on the voicemail of all employees. He said HP had gone […]