Apple Prepares for iPhone 3GS Day

By Jimmy Rogers (@me)
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

buyspotsmallerThis week is a very special one in the Apple calendar.  On Wednesday Apple allowed the throngs of current iPhone users to upgrade their devices to firmware version 3.0.  This long-awaited software package adds some neat new features to the iPhone but, more importantly, lays down the digital foundation for their next hardware rev, the iPhone 3GS.

If any of you are patiently waiting to get the hottest new thing in Apple’s handheld lineup, your wait is almost over.  On Friday, June 19th at 8AM local, Apple will open their stores and begin selling the new iPhone.  Even though this isn’t as monumental an update as the last two versions, I would expect long lines in major locations featuring guys like the one pictured on the right.  At this time I haven’t seen anything about AT&T store openings, but let us know in the comments if they have any special plans as well.

Also, if you are a current AT&T customer and you have heard that the company may penalize you for not having held your contract for very long, there is good news.  AT&T has decided to give customers who would become eligible for the lower pricing tier in July, August, or September a break and allow them to have it now.  This primarily effects iPhone 3G owners, as most original iPhone adopters should have already had their contracts long enough to qualify for the abbreviated sticker price.


With regards to its physical stores, Apple seems to be rethinking the general layout.  They have just opened a new store in Scottsdale, AZ, with glass walls on both ends of the store and an enormous skylight across the top.  Inside the store you can get help or take a class at their 50-foot Genius Bar.  If only regular bars were that long!

Do you plan to mob a store on Friday?  Let us know if you do and what the lines look like!

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