Wednesday Geeky Pics: A Happy and Geeky Father’s Day!

This week, we’re presenting a special edition of Wednesday Geeky Pics in honor of the upcoming Father’s Day holiday, which will be on June 21 this year. Extra geeky points go to these geek dad photographers (or their geeky sons!) for releasing these pictures to the world under a Creative Commons license.

If you’re the owner of one of these pictures and have inadvertently released it under CC, please let us know and we will remove it right away.

Party trick: amazing eggs-periment (CC)

Who’s your daddy? (CC)


My dad’s a geek (CC)

Intrepid Explorer(s) – not to be confused with, *ahem*, Internet Explorer! (CC)

Son and Dad rocking! (CC)

Reddit Dad (CC)

Age Hardens (My Aged Cyberpunk Dad) (CC)

Computer Repair with Dad (CC)

Father/Son Wii tennis duel! (CC)

…last but not least, lots of love to our friends over at GeekDad who do such an admirable job representing tech-savvy Father’s Days. If you’re a dad and a geek and have never visited Wired’s GeekDad before, we strongly encourage you to do so. While you’re there, subscribe to their feed.