Monday morning links serving: The June 15th edition

Free Anonymous BitTorrent Becomes Reality With BitBlinder
There can be little doubt that the provision of an effective and free service for BitTorrent anonymity would prove hugely popular. Today we bring you a detailed report on BitBlinder – a brand new open source project which promises to cloak your torrents, hide your browsing and get round many obstructive filters.

10 Cool Things To Do With Your Old Laptop
However, this isn’t the only thing you can do, as your trusty portable can even find a new lease of life when used alongside other devices in your home. It can bring improved usability to games consoles in your living room, or even be used to enhance other PCs that you or your family use.

Choose Wisely: iPhone 3G S versus Palm Pre versus Android G1
Below is a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis of the latest mobile technologies, analyzing the comparative features of each, along with the actual price you will pay for the phone and service over the course of a two year contract.

Top 10 Ways to Provoke a Geek Argument
Geeks, as a general rule, are pretty easy-going. We like to think things through, so passionate confrontations aren’t commonplace for us. When we get well and properly provoked, though, watch out!

Ten of the coolest and most powerful supercomputers of all time
This post pays tribute to some of the most powerful supercomputers the world has seen, all the way from the 1970s until today.

Microsoft to give away anti-virus
The company is reportedly trialling free anti-virus software internally and said the beta version would be released “soon”.


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