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So Long, Cable. Hulu Launches Free App For TV Viewing
Since launching in late 2007, Hulu has done one one thing very well: it lets you watch your favorite TV shows and movies from your computer, free of charge. Now Hulu is releasing its own desktop application, allowing you to browse through the site’s content using your computer’s remote control.

The First Google Chrome Extensions: Block Ads, Check PageRank, and Use IE8 Accelerators
If you’re playing around with one of the developer builds of Google Chrome, you can test drive this feature before it makes its public debut. Already, there are a handful of extensions available including an ad-blocker called AdSweep, a PageRank checker, and Cleeki, an extension that ports IE8 Accelerators to Chrome.

Microsoft Update Secretly Installs Firefox Extension
Apparently, the .NET update automatically installs its own Firefox add-on that is difficult — if not dangerous — to remove, once installed.

Windows 7 Vs. Linux: OS Face-Off
While Windows 7 has been brewing in Microsoft’s labs, Linux has been maturing. We look at what each operating system is capable of today, and how they measure up against each other.

Downloading 3322 Copyrighted Movies is Okay in Spain
In Spain, a judge has dismissed a case against a man who downloaded and shared 3322 copyrighted movies on the Internet. Despite efforts from local anti-piracy outfits, the legal system in Spain continues to stand firmly behind those who share music and movies without financial gain.

The future of graphics cards revealed
Why the graphics market is set for an enormous shake up.


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