Geek Love – Post-it Style

There are lots of interesting ways geeks can express their love to one another. A few months ago, we featured Signs, a short movie about love and communication in the office world, and today, for all the hopeless geek romantics among you, we’d like to present Post-it Love, another cute office romance story. [Via Dans […]

Firefox 3.5 is Out!

It’s official folks, Firefox 3.5 final has just been released today! Not only does the new version have a smaller memory footprint and better memory management, but it’s also twice as fast as the previous one. So what are you waiting for? Each second you spend reading this is a second of future productivity lost! […]

Steel Life: A 3D Visual Masterpiece

Produced by Mathieu Gérard as his master thesis graduation film, Steel Life is all about beautiful music and stunning 3D imagery. Steel Life is an experimental student short film based on aesthetics of visual effects. It was produced at university Paris 8 for my master thesis graduation in Arts et Technologie de l’image. My goal […]

2012: The End of the World – Are You Ready?

No, no, don’t worry folks, we’re not talking about the actual end of the world here, but of 2012, the upcoming movie from director Roland Emmerich, the same guy who produced Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. What? No LHC destroying Earth in this trailer? Clearly, I find Mr. Emmerich’s lack of vision disturbing!

Google cuts out the computer to bring information to Uganda

Google is using cellphone text messaging as a way of bringing information to people in Uganda who don’t have internet access. While internet access is still rare in many parts of Africa, basic cellphones are becoming increasingly common. Across the continent, people are six times more likely to have a mobile phone than an internet-enabled […]

Web Site Story

If the internet was a 50s Broadway musical, it would feature eHarmony, Pandora, Evite, Twitter, and anything else that rhymes well enough for a song. OK, to really enjoy this, you have to be old enough to be familiar with West Side Story AND young enough to know your way around the internet. You know, […]

Michael Jackson: Information Overload

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] The headline at CNN is “Michael Jackson dies, almost takes Internet with him.” Obviously a bit of an exaggeration, but it still seems fitting that if one man’s fame could single-handedly break the Internet, it would be the King of Pop. The overload even caused AOL (after AIM was […]

Arthur Benjamin’s Formula For Changing Math Education

Someone always asks the math teacher, “Am I going to use calculus in real life?” And for most of us, says mathematician Arthur Benjamin, the answer is no. In the following video, he offers a bold proposal on how to make math education relevant in the digital age.

Cool Animated Infographic: Growing Up

Made by a team of independent film makers for Vancouver Film school, this amusing little infographic reminds us that as adults, kids are often wiser than we typically give them credit for. Video after the jump.

iPhone 3G S available in hot new color scheme

With a million units reportedly shipped in its first weekend, there’s no doubting the iPhone 3G S is a hot gadget. Unfortunately it turns out some units are slightly too hot. Several sources, on both sides of the Atlantic, are reporting the device has overheated so badly it actually changes color. French site Le Journal […]

Amazing Blue Angels Cockpit Footage

Filmed on a Flip video camera by US soldier Jim Boking, the following footage shows the closest thing to what most of you will ever experience of being inside a military jet performing some totally freaky hair-raising maneuvers. Warning: Those of you suffering from motion sickness might not want to watch this one. [Via Neatorama]

Monday morning links serving: The June 29th edition

–Who moved my ‘Delete’ key? Lenovo did. Here’s why. Lenovo put nearly a year of research into two design changes that debuted on an updated ThinkPad laptop this week. No, not the thinner, lighter form or the textured touchpad — rather, the extra-large “Delete” and “Escape” keys. –2 Augmented Technologies That Will Change The World […]