Giant Chipmunks Meet Stormtroopers [Pictures]

Did you know that chipmunks are not native to planet Earth? In fact, they come from a very distant galaxy, and were encountered a long, long time ago by soldiers of an evil empire who used the docile mounts to roam around forested planets.

Ok, ok, I just made that up. I thought it would make a great introduction to present Flickr user Powerpig‘s pictorial on the interaction between various chipmunks and Star Wars figurines. The result is, shall we say, absolutely brilliant. Please note that these pictures are copyrighted and were not released under a CC license. Naturally, we asked the permission of the author before using them on Geeks are Sexy.

With that said, enjoy the remaining photographs!

Oh Noes! – It’s bad enough that Billy had to keep an eye out for cats, hawks and territorial squirrels. The last thing he needed was grief from an Ewok.


Specimen Found – “Trooper 1128 to Alpha One. Sir, I’ve found a specimen and it’s been corralled into the cargo bay. Now returning to the assault ship in low orbit; we’ll see you starside.”

Let’s Be Friends – Are these two distant relatives? Hmmm, probably not.

[Source: Star Wars spills into the chipmunk universe!]

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