Rio LED Showerhead: Transforming your Shower into a Dance Floor

Looking to impress your romantic conquests the next time you bring them home? Just invite them in your bathroom to take a shower under your brand new Rio LED showerhead!

Featuring 96 computer-controlled LEDs in red, green and blue clusters, Crosswater’s RIO showerhead will turn any regular washing session into a disco dance floor experience. Each cluster of light can be mixed in order to create just about any color in the spectrum.

But now that we’ve gotten you all excited, here are a few drawbacks. First, this thing needs power, and electricity and water don’t mix very well. Then, there’s the monetary issue. At $4454 USD, the RIO isn’t what we could exactly call “cheap”. In fact, you could probably get a darn good renovation of your bathroom at that price.

Then, there’s the fact that the wet, slippery shower, isn’t the safest place to start dancing…

[Via Technabob]