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Windows 7: The Complete Guide (Now With RC1!)
We’ve covered Windows 7 from rumor to release candidate, which you can currently download and install for free. Now, it’s enchilada time: Here’s everything of value that we learned about Win 7, packed in a complete, easy-to-read guide.

10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation
Presentations – whether they are made with Powerpoint or other applications, are a great way to support a speech, visualize complicated concepts or focus attention on a subject.

Mac Hacks: 17 AppleScripts To Make Your Life Easier
Quite a few AppleScripts are available on the Web, ready for you to use, so you don’t even need to look at their code. This article presents you with 17 of the most useful ones.

Lawyer: RIAA must pay back all $100M it has collected
Harvard Law professor Charles Nesson has now gotten involved in two more file-sharing lawsuits, including the Jammie Thomas retrial in Minnesota. But it’s in the other, lesser-known case, that Nesson and a former student demand the RIAA pay back all $100 million it has collected in settlement money over the years.

30 Best Photoshop Abstract Effect Tutorials
A list of 30 of the best Photoshop abstract effect tutorials of all time.

Six Best Exercise Planning and Tracking Tools
Technology and exercise make an excellent pair; you can now track, plan, and graph your workouts more easily than ever. We’re here to take a look at six of the most popular tools for the job.

Why Isn’t Wireless Net Access Available Everywhere?
You might remember a time when everyone—from telco giants to corner coffee shops—was furiously serving up Wi-Fi. McDonald’s became an Internet café, and dozens of municipalities nationwide were racing to set up open hot spots. Your broadband connection was about to be as portable as your cell phone. That was like five years ago.


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