Geeks in Bed: Less Selfish, More Adventurous

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

geekinbedA recent study in the UK revealed that geeks are good in bed – or at least, less selfish than, for example, gym rats. Four out of five geeks agreed that your partner’s pleasure is more important than your own, as opposed to less than half of respondents who work in the sports and fitness industry. Also, tech industry professionals are far more likely to use sex toys (eight out of ten!).

Granted, this wasn’t exactly the most scientific study, based on survey results and a sample of only about 2000 British men and women who voluntarily answered a survey which happened to have been conducted by a video game website. But it’s interesting food for thought.  But then, around here there’s never been any doubt that geeks are sexy.

One delightful survey trend: those who are more interested in gadgets and new technology are also interested in experimenting with sex toys.

[Via SourceWire; Image Source: Flickr]

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