Steampunk Sex Toy

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

An unemployed engineering student used some of her excess of free time to create this steampunk vibrator, made out of “stainless steel, brass, and awesome.” For the moment it runs off of compressed air while she looks for a more powerful boiler than her pressure cooker and a way to use steam without making it so hot that you have to wear welding gloves to touch it (which, well, kind of defeats the purpose).

Some details of its construction, per The Lady Cartoonist:

The piece was machined out of a solid hunk of stainless steel (no easy task), and fitted with the world’s itty-bittiest Tesla Turbine (if you’ve never heard of a Tesla Turbine, check it out). It’s truly a wonderful bit of engineering- the Tesla turbine is hard to create even in larger sizes, and this one is fitted into the base of the shaft. It uses a set of smooth disks in it’s mechanism- and in a stroke of brilliance, Ani used high RPM dremel disks.

It has been christened the steamvibe. Bored engineers with lots of free time tend to come up with the neatest stuff.