Really Strange Mercedes-Benz Ad

To promote its new E-class series of cars, Mercedes-Benz has released this really weird commercial titled Dreams Will Have To Wait. It takes a while for anything to happen, but when it does, it’ll make you shake your head in puzzlement.

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  1. I think I get the commercial. MB is promoting a device that keeps the driver from falling asleep. If you do not fall asleep, you will not be dream, so dreams will have to wait. The people/things that come out are what one could see in dreams; the lamb could be a reference to counting sheep to fall asleep–which you can't do with MB's new device.

    I think I am now afraid that I understand the mind of marketing.

  2. It had been a long week at Mercedes Marketing Department and so much time had been spent on the print ads that everyone had totally forgotten about the commercial needed for Mondays meeting until that last minute.

    "I know" said the Head of Marketing. "Let's all go down the pub and discuss it over a beer."

    It was the first of many mistakes made that evening…

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