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Top 10 Greasemonkey User Scripts, 2009 Edition
Two years ago, we compiled our 10 favorite Greasemonkey scripts, the site-fixing wonders you can load into Firefox’s Greasemonkey extension for a better browsing experience. We’ve updated our picks, and there’s a lot that’s new.

Hands-On Guide to Windows Vista SP2
With Windows 7 due by October and looking good, and SP1 bringing Vista up to the same performance as XP SP2 (that’s what Microsoft claims its Customer Experience Improvement program telemetry shows), who’s going to want Vista Service Pack 2?

Blu-ray sales surge as player prices drop
A new report by the NPD Group indicates that Blu-ray video technology has moved “further into the mainstream.” Indeed, first quarter (Q1) sales of stand-alone Blu-ray players in the US increased by 72 percent to over 400,000 units.

It’s Time to Legalize Personal-Use DVD Copying
It’s OK to copy music from CDs, for example, and place it in an iPod. Yet, it’s illegal to do the same with a DVD. When it comes to the DVD, there’s not even a question of fair use. How can the DVD and CD be treated so differently?

15 things you need to know about Windows 7
Secrets, hidden tech and unadvertised features.


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