Surgical Masks Now an Accessory?

By Jimmy Rogers (@me)
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

So you’ve been wandering around town all day in your plain, boring surgical mask.  Don’t you wish it matched your swanky clothes?  Would you prefer it if it frightened nearby children?  Well never fear, the internet can once again solve all your problems!

Gizmodo has reported on these awesome surgical masks being worn on the streets of Mexico:


Pretend to be French – Pretend to be Dead – Pretend to be a Shark – A mask for every occasion!

Even better are these fantastic art masks designed by Yoriko Yashida.  He has designed almost 50 masks that each have a different theme or represent something in Japan.


Let’s hope that the mask requirement doesn’t come to the states, but if it does, we’ll all be set.

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