Microsoft’s Strange New Vision of the Future

Microsoft has just released two strange new videos envisioning the future of user interfaces. Check them out below.

XUI, which stands for experience-user-interface in theory is the next evolution of computer-human interaction from natural user interfaces (NUI) like Microsoft Surface which itself is an evolution from graphics user interfaces (GUI) like Windows.

[Via TechEblog]

6 Responses to Microsoft’s Strange New Vision of the Future

  1. Looks like a promising idea, but I don't expect Microsoft will be any good at implementing it. The only intuitive interface I have ever seen from them was photosynth, which they purchased as a marginally-mature project and just threw money at.

  2. This is very unrealistic and more of a fantasy than an actual concept-based product for development. Microsoft just wants to impress everyone with cool-looking stuff, which I find insulting…

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