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Apple found guilty of willful patent infringement
Apple has been found guilty of willfully infringing on a “predictive snooping” patent awarded to Opti Inc. in 2002. The company has been ordered to pay just over $19 million in compensation, despite its attempts to have the patent thrown out.

Top 10 Ubuntu Downloads
The reviews are in, and the just-released Ubuntu 9.04, i.e. “Jaunty Jackalope,” rates as a slick, fully-formed Linux desktop. Looking to get started or upgrade your system? We’re recommending 10 downloads for everyone to try.

Millions of ’90s Geeks Get Nostalgic over GeoCities
My Twitter feed was abuzz this afternoon with geeks mourning the news that Yahoo! is closing GeoCities, the company that revolutionized web-hosting and design in the ’90s.

How To Make Microsoft Office 2007 Look Like Office 2003
UBitMenu is a small plugin for Microsoft Office 2007 (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) that makes Office 2007 look like Ofice 2003.

The World’s 10 Most Iconic Green Office Buildings
Despite tough economic conditions, large office complexes continue to be built in major cities throughout the world. ‘Green’ campaigners argue that such developments are inherently bad for the environment, and skeptics point out that by making sustainability central to their new office designs, many companies are simply attempting to offset their environmentally degrading activities elsewhere.

First Android netbook to cost about $250
The first netbook computer running the Google Inc.-backed Android mobile operating system on a low-cost ARM chip could become available to customers within three months, the maker’s co-founder said this week.


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