Feature: Wait, did you say “Flamethrower”? – The Robogames Combat Robots

Texas Heat Combat Robot

Combat robots aren’t exactly new – the first season of the Comedy Central show “Battlebots” aired in 2000 and the games had been going strong since 1997.

What’s interesting, however, is how 11 years of robot evolution have affected the sport. Back in 2002, the spinners ruled the day. But today’s robots are meaner than ever; and the sport’s fans just as obsessed. Why do they do it? Because for three glorious minutes, the world melts away.

I took the best fight footage we had and put it in this short video – I’ll try to have some outtakes up soon, as I know you love to see robots kicking ass.

If you’d like to see the video in full HD resolution, just hit this link, which will take you to the video’s high-def page on YouTube.

If you’d like to get more information on the Robogames, you can head to the Robogames Web site.

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