Next-gen iPhone rumors include FM broadcasting and video editing

If the gossip-mill is true, the next incarnation of the iPhone and iPod touch will see the devices add “car stereo” and “moviemaker” to their repertoires.

We reported recently that new generation models of both devices look to be in the works given the version numbers referenced in the newest edition of the iPhone operating system. The latest discovery from the system’s coding is support for Bluetooth streaming. As well as the new devices, the feature will work on the current iPhone and iPod touch once the new operating system arrives in the summer.

The system’s coding also includes references to components which suggest the new models will include upgraded chips which can use more reliable wi-fi connections and transmit FM signals. That would mean the devices could be used for hassle-free playback on any car stereo without the need for adaptors or wiring.

The technology concerned could also make it possible for the iPhone and iPod touch to receive FM radio broadcasts. That’s hardly a major priority, but it certainly won’t do any harm.

Another rumor is sparked by stories that a Chinese firm has received large scale orders from Apple for image sensors. Throw in some job listings at Apple for various camera-related design and engineering positions and several have concluded that means a greater emphasis on camera technology in the new model.

That certainly ties in with reports that the new operating system includes both a reference to an ‘Upload my video’ option in MobileMe and a folder with the type of graphics you’d expect to see as templates and other tools in a video editing package.

By the way, you may remember that in our previous report we noted a mysterious new product code-named iProd which we concluded was likely a reference along the lines of  ‘prototype design’ rather than a clue as to its content. A reader pointed out the name was floated around last April in reports of a patent application for a personal training device (think portable Wii Fit). However, as best we can tell, the name was used by Apple itself and was thought up by a writer for New Scientist in their report on the story.

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