Ask [GAS]: Tokyoflash Concept Clock Designs

Our friend Paul Cooper from Tokyoflash sent us pictures of a bunch of concept clock designs this morning that may be manufactured by his company in the near future. To help Paul out, we’re posting what we consider the best designs, and would love to hear your thoughts about them. Which one would you be interested in purchasing. Why? Which ones do you hate? Let us know in the comments section.

Design A

-Upright ambient light
-Option to increase brightness by lighting more bars
-Displays the time through a light animation

Design B

– Ambient table lamp
– Clock feature within light
– Subtle textural design with animation

Design C

– Desktop clock with original display
– Calendar and date function
– Multiple time zone display

Design D

– Clock with light and ipod connection
– Speakers on underside of light and clock display or equalizer on top
– Can be positioned on desk or wall

Design E

– Clock with ambient light function
– Can be positioned on floor, desk or wall
– Displays hours, minutes and seconds on the arms

Design F

– Clock with original light function
– Can stand in two different positions
– Moves between clock and light functions by rotating head

Design G

– Clock with ipod dock
– Speakers are positioned behind clock numbers
– Sound comes from between the clock numbers

Design I

– Clock with hidden ipod dock and speakers
– LED backlit original LCD display
– Operated from the top