Monday morning links serving: The March 30th edition

Top 10 Tiny & Awesome Windows Utilities
It’s the little things that make a Windows system great-like utilities that use less than 10MB of memory to make your life easier. Here are 10 apps that pack a lot of greatness into very little space.

Good-Bye XP. Hello Windows 7
Free support for Windows XP ends on April 14th, and the Windows 7 release candidate arrives in May, coincidence? I don’t think so.

25 Websites To Have Fun With Your Photos
Getting a little bored how your photos are presented online? How about injecting some fun and humour into it.

10 operating systems the world left behind
You’re not really supposed to love an operating system. It’s like your car’s hydraulic system, your digestive system or the global financial system. It’s supposed to do its job — and not get in your way while you’re doing yours. But like your car, your guts and the economy, computers are more complicated than they seem. And so are our feelings about them.

How To: Use BitTorrent Like a Pro
Even if you’ve been casually Torrenting for years, BitTorrent tools keep getting better. Here’s our guide for getting the most out of what is, slowly but surely, changing forever how people acquire and consume entertainments.

How a programmer reads your resume (humor)
So, have you ever written a compilor or operating system just for fun?

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