Vulcans Will Beam to Star Trek Screening

spockThe town of Vulcan, Alberta, has about 2,000 residents. They are, of course, Vulcans. The Vulcan Tourism and Trek Centre has been lobbying for the town to host the premiere of Star Trek XI for a couple of years now. Paramount said no.

Leonard Nimoy, the only original cast member who will appear in the new film, sided with Vulcan, going so far as to lobby for the town. The problem is that Vulcan, Alberta has no movie theater! They have a space-themed water park and a Vulcan starship. They’ve even hosted a Star Trek convention, but still no movie theater. A compromise has been reached between Paramount Pictures, Nimoy, and Vulcan. The plans now are to have a special advanced screening for 300 Vulcan residents in Calgary, probably on May 6th. They will be brought in by bus, as the Vulcan starship is currently inoperable. The Alberta premiere will be on May 8th. Nimoy calls the compromise “logical”.

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