Monday morning links serving: The March 23rd edition

10 Best Firefox Addons for Security and Privacy
Security and privacy are some of the major concerns these days while choosing a web browser to use.

Giz Explains: How Cell Towers Work
I recently visited a cell site shared by Clearwire and two other unnamed carriers—without frying my nuts. We’ve all driven past them so many times, but have you ever actually wondered how they work?

Internet Explorer 8 launch fails to dent Firefox 3 share
The release of Internet Explorer 8 hasn’t had any significant impact on Firefox or any other competing browser, data collected by StatsCounter shows. While the final release of IE8 increased its market share slightly on launch day to 1.39 percent, Firefox 3.0 grew more quickly and reached 25.38 percent.

Gmail Gets A Panic Button
Have you ever sent an email, and just as it was going on its merry way, you realize you misspelled something or you sent it to the wrong person. Now you can take advantage of that delay to “undo” the message.

100% Google AdSense: Tools, Tips and Resources
In this post we present an ultimate collection of resources, tools and tips to help you make the most out of Google AdSense. Among other things, this post covers various Google AdSense tools, Firefox-extensions, WordPress-plugins and related resources.

A First Look at Google Voice
Last week Google launched Google Voice, a new service that creates a single phone number and inbox for managing all of your phones, transcribing voicemail, and more. It’s in closed beta, but we’ve got a sneak peek.


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