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8 Brilliant Scientific Screw-ups
Hard work and dedication have their time and place, but the values of failure and ineptitude have gone unappreciated for far too long. They say that patience is a virtue, but the following eight inventions prove that laziness, slovenliness, clumsiness and pure stupidity can be virtues, too.

Ten Must-Have Gmail Filters Available for Download
Every so often, our pals at Lifehacker round up Firefox add-ons that are too new for official approval, but seriously neat-looking. This batch can automate download management and image uploading, queue up MP3s, and manage Gmail tasks anywhere.

Take the Linux Filesystem Tour
A newbie-friendly tour of a Linux file system.

Microsoft’s own speed tests show IE beating Chrome, Firefox
Microsoft has released its own tests that show IE8 can load many websites faster than two open source browsers: Firefox and Chrome.

How To: Create Stunningly Realistic High DR Photographs
In the right hands, high dynamic range imaging can blend multiple exposures of the same scene to more closely reproduce what your eye can see. Here’s how to do HDR the right way.


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