Monday morning links serving: The March 8th edition

How to: Install Apps on Your iPhone 3G Easily & Free
If you want to install cool apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch for free, easily, breaking Apple-imposed limitations without breaking your warranty or Applethingie, here is the how-to guide for Mac and Windows users.

Find Wi-Fi Hotspots Worldwide
Search our directory to locate wireless service. You can browse by a specific address, a city, state, country, airport or zip code to find nearby access points.

Firefox Has Got a 100% Market Share…In Antarctica
And they say it’s hard to conquer the browser market. Despite Microsoft’s global domination, there are some places where Firefox is a vastly dominant browser. One of them is Antarctica.

Google Earth: 5 Fun Ways to Waste Time
Let’s face it: You can kill a lot of time with Google Earth 5.0. With this highly-visual, recently-released tool, you can fly anywhere on Earth for free, from your neighborhood to your upcoming fishing spots. You can check out terrain and 3D buildings, plot your ideal vacation tour, explore the ocean floor and even see Mars up close.

12 “Dead Technology” Advertisements
From BetaMax to HD DVD, this article lists ads from technologies that are either dead or dying.

Top 10 Happy Hour Hacks
The work week’s over—now’s your chance to get really creative and industrious. Skim through our ten tips for enjoying a cheaper, tastier, and intriguingly fun night out or party at your pad.


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