Dot Com Time Capsule: The Oldest Domains


By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

TG Daily brings us a list of the 100 oldest .com, .org, .net, and .edu domains. The first,, was registered 24 years ago this month. Some unsurprising names also topping the list are,, and is 25th, but it looks like the science fiction fans haven’t gotten hold of it yet.

The first university to snag a .edu address was Berkeley, followed by Purdue, UCLA, MIT, and Harvard.

It’s also kind of interesting to hop in a time capsule and see what looked like in 1997. And it was only ten years before that that the company registered the domain, three years after they registered the APPLE trademark (which, of course, they’ve been dilligent about defending ever since).

I may be older than the oldest .com, but I definitely had no idea what the Internet was in 1987.  Do any of you remember these early websites? I for one would be interested to know what looked like in the mid-eighties.

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