Feature: The Boiler Bar – Like Thirsty Moths to a Flame

By Brian Boyko
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

They call it “oilpunk” – a sort of “post-Steampunk” aesthetic, championing the designs of the early modern era (around 1920s/1930s) rather than the Victorian attributes of the “steampunker.”

And what better homage to the era of the speakeasy than a bar?

Yes, the fireballs generated by the twin propane-fueled tanks on either side are impressive, but let’s not kid ourselves, what makes the “Boiler Bar” beautiful is that it serves alcohol. As inventor and blacksmith Jon Sarriugarte explains in the video below, you can pretty much set up anywhere, and draw in revelers by setting off a few fireblasts, and then when they get there, there’s a bar. It’s an “instant party” machine, really.

If that wasn’t enough, when it’s too light during the day to really make impressive fireballs, the Boiler Bar also has a theatre with 1920’s vaudeville themed performances.

If you’d like to see the video in full HD resolution, just hit this link, which will take you to the video’s high-def page on YouTube.

Though it wasn’t available at the time this video was filmed, Sarriugarte also has a device that uses 15,000 volts of electrical current to instantly age whiskey thirty years. It does, however, have the side effect that the whiskey then catches on fire.

If you’d like to get more information on Jon Sarriugarte’s other works, check out formandreform.com.

Oh, one last thing. If you’ve got $1200, you can rent the Boiler Bar yourself for a night…

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