I Don’t Remember Princess Leia Being So “Mousy”

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Disney and Lucasfilm have conveniently joined forces to completely creep me out. Granted, it’s not the licensing deal itself – in fact, the combination of Disney and Star Wars is actually pretty clever, and I kind of dig the carbonite Donald Duck. But why why why did they decide to put Minnie Mouse in the gold slave bikini?


It’s not as if that’s the only iconic image of Princess Leia – I’m sure that Minnie would have looked quite cute in a white dress with big hair buns sticking out under her ears. I don’t think that “sex sells” really applies in this case.

Still, if scantily-clad cartoon mice are your thing, there are only 600 available, so be sure to get your plane tickets to Disneyland or Disney Hollywood Studios to pick one up for $195.

[Via Underwire / Image from StarWars.com]