BristleBots Update

Since the story of the BristleBots was published here on Friday, Lenore Edman at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories spoke to developer Pat Murphy at Klutz about the BristleBots. Murphy then posted a report at Scholastic’s website and at Klutz.

We spoke about our shared commitment to making science and technology accessible to children. We began a discussion of ways that Klutz could acknowledge the exceptional work that Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has done in Bristlebot research – starting with this message and continuing with acknowledgment in the next printing of the book and on the Klutz website.

He then reiterated the company’s original story about how they developed the BristleBots. It may be a case of too little, too late. As someone in the comments pointed out, with all the bad publicity surrounding the book and kit, there might not be a second printing.

[via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories]