Monday Morning Links Serving: The February 9th Edition

Google Earth 5.0 Beta Released
Google’s 3D mapping application Google Earth has just released version 5.0, adding historical imagery, maps of the ocean’s floor, and even better features for touring the world from your desktop [Via]

20 Ways To Increase The Life Of Your Laptop’s Battery
Mobile computing has got better with lighter components, better chips and faster processors. But the Achilles heel of a laptop has remained its battery.

Gmail Poised to Surpass Hotmail by End of 2009
The growth of Google’s Gmail service is accelerating and, if current trends continue, it could surpass Windows Live Hotmail by the end of this year.

Windows XP’s Days are Really Numbered Now
Microsoft will shove Windows XP into retirement in the next few months by cutting back technical support.

Who’s Messing with Wikipedia?
Tools to expose the interests and biases of the hidden army of Wikipedia article writers and editors.


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