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romance_novel2Science fiction meets chick lit? Not exactly, but your sweetheart might get a real kick out of Starstruck, one of the romance novels you can personalize from Book By You. I’ve never bought any of their products, but I’ve had fun a time or two slipping my name into the free preview they offer. Their newest bodice ripper could be a hoot for Valentines Day, since it blends geekiness with cheesy romance.

In Starstruck, James Kirk is a starship commander with a reputation as a daredevil who embarks on his toughest mission yet: escorting Miss Cellania, a famously demanding diplomat, to negotiate a high-stakes treaty between warring alien nations. But our couple’s clashing personalities and instant chemistry spark a battle of their own!

Miss and James meet amidst sparks…

… The diamond-shaped shuttle floated in the bay doors, and moved down toward the deck platform before cutting its boosters and landing noiselessly. The craft’s door tilted upward, followed by Kevlar stairs that descended to the deck, and the blonde-haired female diplomat emerged.
Seldom shocked, James felt his jaw drop.
“Oh, no,” First Officer Buckaroo muttered under his breath.
“Small galaxy, eh?” James responded. After a short pause, the two men strode toward the diplomat.
She reached the final step and stopped abruptly. The surprised expression on her lovely face would have been amusing if James didn’t suspect it mirrored his own dismay.
James took a deep breath. “You must be Ms. Cellania,” he said smoothly.
“You’re Commander Kirk?”
“You remember.”
“You’re in charge of this vessel?”
Buckaroo grimaced at James. “Hell of a coincidence.”
“No kidding.”
“I don’t think this will work, Commander,” Miss said, the fire in her green eyes making it clear she was mentally replaying the events from when they’d met at the casino on Enceladus.
He frowned. “Listen, I know neither of us is thrilled with this arrangement, but we both have our orders.”
“I can’t believe EISA would let you command a starship.”
“You don’t even know me.”
“I do…you’re a cocky ladies’ man who gambles excessively and likes to fight.” She glared with disapproval.
Buckaroo winced while James plodded on. “I probably deserve that, but what you don’t know is that I’m very good at my job. I’ll get you to Minerva Seven and back safely. Isn’t that what matters most?”
She folded her arms across her chest and scrunched her lips to one side. “Just keep your distance. Our relationship is purely professional…”

Oh, you can enter your own names for both the male and female leads, plus their best friends. I just put in James Kirk because it felt right. The demo is about twice as long as what I’m sharing here. They end it with a teaser for the good stuff.

Passion in the Alpha Sector…

…Miss and James held hands as they walked back to her cabin, fingers mingling playfully. They reached her door and she rewarded James with a beaming smile.
“Join me for a nightcap?” she asked.
“You don’t have any booze in there.”
“Then perhaps you’d like to see my ancient Earth etchings?” Miss teased in a sultry voice.
Leaning into her, James kissed her delicate lips, reveling in their satiny smoothness. The kiss deepened, and he was intoxicated as her passion drew his tongue against hers. When Miss finally pulled back, savoring the moment, she murmured, “I take it that’s a yes?”
“Affirmative. Absolutely. Ten-four. Yes!”
Miss smiled and quickly punched in the door’s security code. It opened with a swoosh, and the instant James felt the slight breeze of the door closing behind him he reached for her hand and spun her back to him. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pressed his hips onto hers, hungering for her, voraciously tasting the sweetness of her warm lips. He eased her toward the bed with their arms entangled, hands grasping at each other frantically. The couple fell onto the bed with legs and lips entwined. Miss gently ran her fingers through his hair, then began exploring every part of his body as if feeling a human form for the first time. Her breathing was ragged and James could barely contain his need for her. He rolled on top of her and remained motionless with his face hovering just above hers. Miss looked up expectantly into his blue eyes…

It will cost you $39.95 to read the rest of the story. That’s too rich for my blood, but some of you have probably spent more than that on a dozen roses that faded in a week. And you’ll get more laughs out of this. For a few dollars more, you can put your photo on the back cover. Book By You also has romance novels built around internet dating, vampires, pirates, and other subjects.

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